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Choose modern outdoor furniture will never make do
TIME:2020-11-14 14:24:00 FROM:Dongye Iron Garden Furniture Factory

With the improvement of living standards, consumers are also more and more high demand for outdoor leisure life, therefore, in the choice of outdoor leisure furniture can never make do. So how do you choose the right piece of furniture?

CAST aluminum furniture using the original aluminum bar die-cast into

1, modern outdoor furniture material will never compromise. Abandon the majority of domestic low-quality recycled materials production practices, furniture materials are made of entirely new materials, although the price is several times higher, the same, also has many times the durability, health and environmental protection.

modern outdoor furniture

European and American design master design cane weaving swing 

2, design will never compromise. In terms of design, the design team is made up of European and American Design Masters. Each piece of leisure furniture is exquisitely carved, atmospheric, classic and steady. It can not only adapt to various occasions, the smooth lines can be perfectly integrated with the indoor and outdoor spaces, embellish your space like a work of art, add points for your space!


Geometric table and chair imitation solid wood grain paint

3, modern outdoor furniture technology will never compromise. Leisure furniture uses high-temperature paint, imitation wood grain paint, one-piece molding technology and other high-tech, bringing users unprecedented use experience.

CAST aluminum tables and chairs through dozens of processes made


4, modern outdoor furniture details will never compromise. In the details, each leisure furniture has been refined through dozens of processes, have passed more than 50,000 tests and professional and technical staff's final inspection, ensure that each furniture can serve you for more than 10 years.

Whether from the choice of materials, shape design, details of the handling, or the use of the experience, all the pursuit of ACME! This pursuit of extreme brand attitude tells us: Life will never compromise!

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