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It's enough to buy comfortable wicker chairs
TIME:2021-01-15 16:39:52 FROM:Dongye Iron Garden Furniture Factory

No matter in the swimming pool or on the beach, we can see the iron table and chairs everywhere. Whenever people finish swimming and lie on the reclining chairs, our bodies will feel very relaxed. We have a balcony or courtyard at home, and we plan to buy one when we can put the chairs. How do we choose the leisure wicker chairs?

wicker chairs

1. Softness of cushion and back

Cushion and back should be soft. Pay attention to the material of the stuffing inside, sit on it and try to feel it.

2. Dip depth

Generally speaking, the more correct the sitting posture is, the more energetic the person will be, and at the same time, the injury to the lumbar spine can be avoided. After the end of housekeeping, we put "Ge You paralysis" incisively and vividly. So the depth of the couch is very important. Before shopping, try to sit down and find the most relaxed wicker chairs.

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3. The slope of the recliner

When sitting upright, the angle between the back and the ground should be 90 degrees vertical. In fact, people use reclining chairs more than lying down. Therefore, the slope of the wicker chairs is best controlled between 30 degrees and 60 degrees, and the reclining chair back should be adjustable. In this way, people can adjust the garden deck chairs according to their own needs and feel very comfortable.

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