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Secrets of wicker garden furniture industry
TIME:2021-01-11 16:16:57 FROM:Dongye Iron Garden Furniture Factory

1Precautions for purchasing wicker garden furniture

 1. Climate:

 Consider the weather where you live, whether it often rains, is it tropical, humid and hot? Direct sunlight will make wicker garden furniture cracks, metal materials in the sun will increase the temperature, uncomfortable to use. If you live in a place with frequent tropical storms, severe convective weather or close to the sea, the instant wind may overturn outdoor aluminum or plastic tables and chairs.

wicker garden furniture

 2. Place of furniture:

 Consider whether your garden furniture is on a soft lawn or a hard floor. If it's on the lawn, don't use wicker garden furniture. The cork will absorb moisture and damage the frame. Try to choose rattan furniture and faux wicker chairs as substitutes.

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 What kind of patio side table is good. Fangteng: rattan like material, also known as rubber rattan, Wisteria. At present, rubber rattan is often used as the material of outdoor furniture, with beautiful style and low price. However, rattan furniture should not be exposed to the sun. Inferior rattan materials will break after three or four months.

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