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bistro garden furniture enjoying balcony leisure life
TIME:2021-01-09 15:30:08 FROM:Dongye Iron Garden Furniture Factory

Today, the house we live in is also higher and higher, balcony design has developed into a community or building standard configuration. All readers and friends like to put some bistro garden furniture on the balcony.

People pursue high quality life and pay attention to enjoyment. Whether it is a large or small balcony, drying clothes is not so simple. When the family has enough storage space, many people will look at the balcony, such as the balcony into a small garden, or dressed as a leisure area, if we make it into a leisure area, there will be tables and chairs. As we all know, good daylighting balcony is easy to get wet by the wind and rain.

bistro garden furniture

How to choose balcony furniture?

bistro garden furniture is easy to be affected by wind, sunlight and rain, so the selection of materials is different from that of wrought iron butterfly chair. Generally speaking, wooden balcony furniture is people's first choice, but the best way to choose high oil content wood, such as teak, which can effectively prevent wood from cracking due to expansion and loosening.

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People who like metal materials should use aluminum alloy bistro garden furniture. After baking paint and waterproof treatment, they can resist outdoor wind and rain.

outdoor bar chairs is easy to write, but you should pay attention to maintenance and wipe it clean after rain.

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Rattan or with sunshade or large garden balcony roof garden plastic table and chair, and continental style villa iron table and chair is the first choice.

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