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corner garden furniture guide for beginners
TIME:2021-01-08 16:19:22 FROM:Dongye Iron Garden Furniture Factory

1. Consider the weather and climate

Think about the weather where you live. Whether we often have rain, they or in tropical areas, humid sunlight and direct heat will make corner garden furniture cracking, metal materials in the sun will make its working temperature rising, the use of development will be uncomfortable. If you live in a tropical storm, severe convective weather or nearby sea area, strong wind can also overturn it, aluminum or plastic and other very portable corner garden furniture.

corner garden furniture

2. Determine the style and material according to the location

Is your outdoor activity area on soft turf or hard ground? Remember, if you're on the lawn, don't use outside dining table. Solid wood absorbs moisture and damages the frame. And you can choose an aluminum alloy material instead. If the sun is direct, choose a sunshade. Direct sunlight is harmful to furniture and human skin.

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The material of corner garden furniture is very important. It determines future maintenance. So don't just look at the appearance when buying. Aluminum alloy and rattan furniture are the easiest to maintain, while outdoor rectangular table needs regular inspection and maintenance.

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