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Cognition and leisure life of weatherproof outdoor furniture
TIME:2021-01-06 16:01:37 FROM:Dongye Iron Garden Furniture Factory

In the eyes of most people, weatherproof outdoor furniture may be the rest tables and chairs, rocking chairs, beach chairs, etc. in the park, but in fact, outdoor furniture is a big concept, mainly refers to the common activities or personal leisure of indoor and semi indoor furniture.

It is mainly divided into four categories: urban public outdoor furniture, garden outdoor leisure furniture, commercial lowes outdoor chairs and portable outdoor furniture. Roman umbrellas are also outdoor furniture. You may not know much about it, but it's the most robust outdoor sunshade. It can protect you from the sun and rain. It can be rotated 180 or 360 degrees to block all directions of ultraviolet light.

weatherproof outdoor furniture

Suitable for all kinds of leisure places (garden villa, small house, commercial street, swimming pool, seaside, etc.). The plan is simple and high. Looking at such a Roman umbrella can bring you a good mood. According to the plan, it can be divided into big square Roman umbrella, big round Roman umbrella, small square Roman umbrella and small round Roman umbrella. In addition, there are single-layer and double-layer umbrella cloth, bright color, can attract the attention of the guide.

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In addition, people's living weatherproof outdoor furniture is not only satisfied with the single function of living, but also contains a return to nature, leisure days. With more and more customers seeking high-quality leisure days, the post-80s, post-90s, post-00s and even post-10s will become the main force of small outdoor folding table consumption. With the popularity of the Internet and the strong impact of traditional consumption concept, new consumption concept, new consumption mode and new civilized days will appear one after another, which will bring great opportunity to the outdoor furniture industry.

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Holiday industry, indoor and outdoor furniture and leisure days will be the three major business opportunities in China's outdoor furniture market. In the next 3-5 years, outdoor furniture will enter the era of mass consumption. weatherproof outdoor furniture will be developed in the direction of rich color, multi-function combination and light modeling.

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