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unique outdoor furniture of high grade grey in fashion color (1)
TIME:2020-12-31 16:10:44 FROM:Dongye Iron Garden Furniture Factory

People's perception of color is faster than graphics. Color is an emotional visual factor, which can be both amazing and simple

Gorgeous colors are often easy to cause people's mood fluctuations, "senior gray" is soft, steady, not strong, not boastful, is the artistic interpretation of quality lifestyle, but also the vane of fashion trend.

unique outdoor furniture

Most people think that high-grade gray unique outdoor furniture is a color, but it is not. Advanced gray refers to the gray color with low saturation, also known as George Morandi color system. Senior gray originated from the gray Master George Morandi, who once said, "I am essentially just a painter of still life, just a little quiet and secret breath."

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His works of art can not help but make people calm down wholeheartedly, penetrate people's hearts, and give people extremely gentle spiritual comfort. This is exactly the endless aftertaste of vision and soul brought by "high-grade gray unique outdoor furniture".

Advanced gray is soft, calm, steady, harmonious, unified, not strong, not dazzling, no conflict, widely used in different fields. For example, clothing, accessories, photography, homestore garden furniture design and so on.

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"Gray, turquoise and pink, these three colors never fade." Half a century ago, senior grey has become the pronoun of good taste and high EQ in comfortable outdoor chairs. Outdoor leisure furniture has the harmony of gray tone, which makes the design more intense. Clean and elegant high-grade gray unique outdoor furniture can set off people's temperament, so versatile high-grade sense has become a favorite in the fashion industry.

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