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How should garden room furniture choose better
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Now every household is a building, so the design with balcony can enjoy the sunrise and sunset. For the balcony design, design into what look, you have already planned it! Is it a little fresh style? Or is it European aristocratic? What's more, it's designed as a garden in the sky?

What the style of the protagonist needs to embody is the meaning of the style of the furniture. However, we all know that the balcony of the outside, good lighting, but also vulnerable to wind and rain, the balcony put what furniture?

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garden room furniture is more vulnerable to wind, sun, rain, so the choice of material is different from the general indoor furniture, generally speaking, wooden vintage iron chairs is people's first choice, but it is appropriate to choose wood with higher oil content, such as teak, which can prevent wood from cracking due to expansion or looseness. If you are not sure about the wood material, you can choose some imitation wood furniture. Imitation wood furniture is a combination of solid wood and plastic, the surface of fine grain, smooth touch, durable, moisture-proof. It is a kind of low-carbon environmental protection material, which is resistant to water, corrosion and moth. But not resistant to high temperature.

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People who like metal materials should use aluminum or alloy garden room furniture with baking paint and waterproof treatment, which can withstand the outdoor wind and rain. outside table and chairs easy freehand brushwork, but we should pay attention to its maintenance, timely wipe clean after rain.

Pay attention to the environment, garden room furniture should choose small and exquisite, folding furniture is the best, use more elastic, avoid balcony appears crowded, balcony placed small tables and chairs, can be used as a tea table or small table.

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Rattan or cast aluminum balcony tables and chairs with parasol are suitable for roof garden or large garden. Cast aluminum tables and chairs full of European style are the first choice for European style villas.

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