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Using garden furniture dining sets to create different styles of courtyard
TIME:2020-12-26 15:26:08 FROM:Dongye Iron Garden Furniture Factory

Today, people are happy, more and more people live in private villas, more and more people have their own courtyard for daily rest, so many people began to care about garden furniture dining sets, began to pay attention to the layout of outdoor landscape, hoping to make their own courtyard more beautiful and lovely, so that these areas for leisure in their homes can play the greatest effect.

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There are many kinds of courtyard styles, we can choose the corresponding style of foldable garden chairs according to our own preferences to create our own courtyard. Now I will introduce several common styles of courtyard

First: Traditional Chinese courtyard style

Traditional Chinese courtyard we often see in Chinese costume plays that the octagonal pavilion / rockery gurgling brook green bamboo / Chimonanthus praecox and other elements all come from this. The Chinese style courtyard style emphasizes natural, quiet and remote.

Second: elegant English garden style

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When it comes to Britain, I believe many people can think of the word "gentleman". British style gardens use iron bistro chairs, chairs, wooden benches and other garden furniture dining sets. The regular lines are full of tenderness from nature, which is in line with the impression that Britain seems serious and cold, but in fact it is full of enthusiasm and love.

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The third: plain Japanese style garden

The most prominent design concept of Japanese is minimalism, which pursues the beauty of simplicity. In Japanese courtyard design culture, it expresses the harmonious relationship between people and space. Therefore, plain color and minimalist garden furniture dining sets are often used for decoration.

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