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Building house in garden with outdoor furniture sets (1)
TIME:2020-12-24 17:03:21 FROM:Dongye Iron Garden Furniture Factory

Lin Yutang's leisurely and elegant courtyard is also a thousand year old elegant feeling engraved in the bones of the Chinese people. It is surrounded by a square yard by several Zhang walls, which hides the poetic flavor of outdoor furniture sets, banana trees, candlelight crabapple and moonlight.

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No court, no house

Chinese courtyard and outdoor furniture sets complex

In Wang Shouzhi's the Chinese complex in his bones, there is a very appropriate expression about the living habits of Chinese people: "Chinese folk houses don't necessarily have gardens, but they have patios, yards and iron patio chairs. From the family houses in Shanxi to the Hui style folk houses, from the waterfront houses in Jiangnan to the Xiguan big house in Guangzhou, the courtyard and residential space are interlaced and the environment is relaxed Environmental privacy is another kind of high-quality lifestyle.

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"No court can not live, there must be a house with courtyard and outdoor furniture sets". A set of black garden chairs in the courtyard can be used to live. Chinese courtyard culture has been deeply planted for thousands of years.

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