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How to choose a good cast aluminum table and chair
TIME:2020-12-16 15:25:25 FROM:Dongye Iron Garden Furniture Factory

When choosing outdoor restaurant furniture, many consumers will choose cast aluminum tables and chairs. However, in the face of the current situation of various styles in the market, how can we choose the cast aluminum tables and chairs with high quality?

First look at the gloss.

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Good cast aluminum tables and chairs are smooth and delicate, rust proof and corrosion resistant. In the sun, you can feel the soft fog brought by the smooth cast aluminum material. In order to reduce the cost, many black hearted outdoor restaurant furniture manufacturers produce cast aluminum seats which are not beautiful and dull.

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Second, look at durability.

outdoor restaurant furniture must be able to stand the test of outdoor wind and Sun due to the long-term outdoor exposure. The cast aluminum tables and chairs with poor quality are easily peeled off by hand spraying paint, which makes the iron outdoor furniture mottled and lose gloss. High quality cast aluminum tables and chairs, using water washing high temperature paint technology, can withstand the test of various conditions, maintain its original gloss.

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Third, look at the bearing capacity.

A good outdoor armchair and chair can not only bear great weight, but also can not deform, scratch or hammer even if the hammer and other tools are used to destroy it.

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