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wrought iron garden furniture to change a suit of dress for balcony (2)
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Balcony for waterproof requirements are relatively high, so in the balcony floor can choose anti moisture, not easy to corrosion material. Environmental protection natural antiseptic wood and cobblestone collocation floor is also a good choice, both environmental protection and practical can create a natural ecological sense.

The choice of ceramic tile floor is more diverse, natural wood grain grain ceramic tile, archaize brick, small flower brick, cement brick and so on The floor is convenient for daily maintenance. In addition, balcony floor can also be paved with artificial lawn, convenient to take care of, fresh color, as if you pull into the nature.

wrought iron garden furniture

In the process of balcony transformation, it is particularly important to choose appropriate wrought iron garden furniture, which determines the overall tone and functionality of the balcony.

If you want to create a rest corner on the balcony, simply arrange an wrought iron garden furniture and square outdoor dining table with appropriate specifications, and the balcony will become an independent rest area in seconds. The sun is slightly light.

It's very comfortable to lie down and enjoy tea and listen to the wind. wrought iron garden furniture is recommended imitation corner rattan furniture, in addition to waterproof and convenient cleaning function, but also can greatly reduce the burden of handling. If the balcony position is not big, you can consider the layout of a sofa chair, relaxed, comfortable and practical.

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In addition to tasting tea and seeing the scenery, if you still feel the lack of some delicious food to boost the fun, if the balcony location is large enough, you might as well put on a long table to create an outdoor restaurant, where you can enjoy the temptation of delicious food while basking in the sun. Small dishes, small wine, the scenery of the city is the meal.

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 Balcony furniture in addition to conventional sofa, tea table can also choose a very small fresh sofa. Beautiful scenery, two people bow to talk about love, look up to see the stars twinkle. Full of romantic atmosphere, enjoy the sweet time.

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