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modern garden furniture should pay more attention to quality than interior furniture
TIME:2020-12-10 17:32:17 FROM:Dongye Iron Garden Furniture Factory

modern garden furniture is a product that pays more attention to quality than interior furniture. It can easily withstand the severe test of outdoor environment and family outdoor activities, and is not easy to be affected by natural climate such as humidity, dryness, exposure to the sun and shower.

modern garden furniture

 The modern garden furniture, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and easy to take care of, is very popular due to its good performance of anti mildew, anti insect and anti cracking, non flammable, high strength and long service life.

Therefore, in Hainan, many families in coastal cities and towns have replaced some of their indoor furniture with outdoor furniture, especially the seaside B & B and holiday apartments. For them, outdoor furniture is a highlight to set off the atmosphere of leisure and vacation.

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 Materials are upgrading, modern garden furniture is more than outdoor

 In the early years, the majority of outdoor furniture was stone and iron art. Now, the materials of solid wood, imitation wood, rattan, resin, aluminum alloy and other iron garden furniture on the market are complete, and the shape is more fashionable, and the products are more portable. Even if they are moved to the living room and bedroom, they are not abrupt. Moreover, the natural tendency of outdoor furniture is simple, which also conforms to the current household consumption trend.

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However, the use frequency of outdoor furniture is not as high as that of garden dining furniture. There is a distance between outdoor furniture and indoor furniture in terms of workmanship and comfort, which makes it difficult for outdoor furniture to enter ordinary families;

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