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outdoor lounge chairs in the park
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Park outdoor lounge chairs is a kind of outdoor goods for passersby to rest, mostly used in parks, residential areas, large-scale amusement parks, shopping centers, public places. With the development trend of the Times, Park chairs have already stepped into most of the small and medium-sized cities and become a beautiful scene of the big city. Has produced for everybody convenience, has made the natural environment more harmonious. The park chair is mostly made up of two parts: the chair bar and the chair leg.

outdoor lounge chairs

A, iron chair Bar, 1, iron bar into the chair bar required specifications, dry solution (of course, drying or steam drying) , and then carry out a series of mid-and late-stage process, to ensure the leveling of the chair bar, can develop paint solution, paint Solution: Iron Bar Painting several times after polishing, remove iron bar surface burr, and then paint spray.


Park chair is a general term for an outdoor lounge chairs. It is a kind of commodity for passersby to rest in an outdoor park or a shopping mall in a room, more for parks, residential areas, large-scale amusement parks, shopping centers, public places.


The park leisure chair is the outdoor household thing which the outdoor field presents the rest indoor space, the common has the wrought iron chairs outdoor,the Park Chair, the garden landscape chair, the park sits the stool. About the park leisure chair material, can be divided into a chair bar, body structure, chair legs (legs) , different positions of the material are different, below for you to analyze the park leisure chair material what. 1, the Park Leisure Chair Strip material about the chair strip material, the outdoor lounge chairsr manufacturer in the customer application field,like comfortable outdoor chairs, the application feeling ponders, generally takes the iron, the aluminum as the key chair strip material. The key difference is that the basic principle of the electric massage chair is to imitate the manual massage, which can be seen in many large and medium-sized parks, it is simply the use of mechanical equipment, the rolling force.

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