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Strict material and process anticorrosion for at home outdoor furniture
TIME:2020-12-07 17:50:45 FROM:Dongye Iron Garden Furniture Factory

Custom made at home outdoor furniture has become a more popular and personalized trend in the market. It is different from the assembly line products of building materials supermarket and some at home outdoor furniture brands. Because it is made only after being determined, there are great differences in size, size, material, technology and anticorrosion treatment of this kind of furniture. When choosing custom-made outdoor furniture, which aspects should be strictly controlled? Specifically speaking from the price proportion, material, technology and anti-corrosion treatment are three major problems that can not be ignored.


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Among them, the quality of raw materials has a great impact on the final price of furniture. Camphor pine wood is usually selected as the base material for at home outdoor furniture. Anticorrosive wood and surface carbonized wood have firm structure, good bearing capacity and moderate price, but they are easy to deform and crack. 

After high temperature heat treatment, homogeneous carbonized wood reduces the moisture absorption of wood, has high stability, good corrosion resistance, and is not easy to deform and crack, but the bearing performance is weakened and the price is high.


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With these basic knowledge, it is recommended to choose suitable materials according to their own conditions, and do not let manufacturers choose at will;foldable garden furniture pursues nature and original ecology, and the shape is usually rough and primitive, and the patterns or carvings commonly used in interior furniture are rarely seen. At this time, furniture shape, radian and corner of the production process become its exquisite or not standard, therefore, this can not be ignored. 

The fate of rattan garden furniture is inseparable from the wind and sun. If you want to have a "strong physique" and "weather resistant appearance", anti-corrosion and anti insect treatment must be in place, otherwise no matter how beautiful it is.

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