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Custom style selection of at home outdoor furniture
TIME:2020-12-07 17:52:43 FROM:Dongye Iron Garden Furniture Factory

Another advantage of the overall planning of the courtyard and customized at home outdoor furniture is that it can make the outdoor space self-contained, have its own style and personality, and don't worry about "hitting furniture". It is understood that Chinese style, American style and Japanese style are the three representative courtyard styles.


 at home outdoor furniture


Chinese style with Pavilion, rockery, arch bridge, water as the elements, more expression of a kind of Xanadu mood, suitable for people with larger outdoor space to choose. Furniture is good, mainly in Ming and Qing Dynasties, color positioning is deep, highlighting the calm atmosphere.


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American style takes at home outdoor furniture, side table and chair, bar stool, hammock and lawn as elements. Leisure and comfortable, close to nature is the main keynote. If the outdoor space is large, sofa, side table and reclining chair can be put in. If space is limited, bar stool and small hammock can be used to create atmosphere. However, when customizing all weather garden furniture, you must calculate the size and size to avoid self defeating.


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Japanese style takes tatami, gravel, residual wood, moss and other elements as the elements, small and delicate, fresh and elegant is the artistic conception it wants to express, suitable for small terraces, small courtyards, and even outdoor balconies. When choosing this kind of luxury garden furniture, we should also see whether it is consistent with the style of interior space. If the difference is too large, it will also affect the overall effect.

Japanese style at home outdoor furniture is sold in major home stores and building materials supermarkets. If you don't want to spend more money to customize, you can also choose to buy finished products in these places. Of course, we should also ask whether anti-corrosion and anti insect treatment has been done.

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