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cast aluminum at home outdoor furniture
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The main material of cast aluminum table and chair is superior aluminum material. The production process is completed once. The style is European style. It is a kind of durable outdoor furniture. This paper introduces the advantages and disadvantages of cast aluminum at home outdoor furniture, so that people can understand how to deal with the impact of external natural environment when cast aluminum tables and chairs are used outdoors


 at home outdoor furniture


(1) Advantages of cast aluminum at home outdoor furniture


The overall appearance of the table and chair is more elegant than that of the European style.


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In terms of performance, as the raw material of cast aluminum tables and chairs is superior aluminum, this kind of outdoor furniture combines the advantages of aluminum. Cast aluminum tables and chairs have the advantages of strong and durable, sunscreen, antirust, radiation resistance, strong heat dissipation, light weight and other advantages, which can effectively cope with various outdoor environments, and still maintain the original shape and performance in all aspects. In addition, if the cast aluminum tables and chairs are in normal use, their service life is generally between 10 and 20 years.




In terms of touch, when using cast aluminum tables and chairs, people can feel their firmness and firmness. They will not shake or tilt easily, nor will they produce noise. It can be said that cast aluminum tables and chairs are excellent outdoor furniture.


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(2) Shortcomings


Aluminum is a kind of metal material, so its corrosion resistance to strong acid and alkali is not strong. If it is continuously subjected to strong impact force, cast aluminum at home outdoor furniture may have fracture problems. At present, there are poor quality products in cast aluminum tables and chairs on the market, which are easy to be confused by consumers and their safety is difficult to be guaranteed.

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