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Know what is an essential part of outdoor patio furniture
TIME:2020-11-17 10:40:06 FROM:Dongye Iron Garden Furniture Factory

1. The biggest function of outdoor patio furniture umbrella is to shade the Sun. There are kinds of parasols in the column umbrella, Banana Umbrella, Roman umbrella, hanging umbrella and so on. The umbrella column of the Central Umbrella is located at the center, usually 2.7 meters, the courtyard activities can meet the requirements of the sun. The more upscale sunshade umbrella is the Roman umbrella, may the horizontal rotation, the sunshade effect is good, the operation is simple. There are square and round two specifications, the size of 2.5 mx2.5 M and 3mx3m respectively.

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2. The Gazebo is also a great place to relax in the courtyard. The high-end pavilions are illuminated and equipped with remote control functions. The cost of the Gazebo varies. Thousands at low cost, tens of thousands at high cost.

3. outdoor patio furniture Leisure tables and chairs are divided into Rattan tables and chairs, iron tables and chairs, ceramic tables and chairs, depending on the style of the yard, but due to the weather, the best option for the Northern Patio is to use Rattan or iron chairs and tables.


4. Lounge SOFA.A LAZY SOFA is more spacious and comfortable than a tiled chair. The Sofa Not only has a single SOFA, but also has a double or even a three-person Sofa, the flexible changes make it gradually popular in the courtyard design

5. The function of the outdoor patio furniture Lounge chair is similar to that of the Leisure Sofa, chaise lounges are often used near pools and spas to relax the body and feel the freshness of nature and water.


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