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outdoor dining table with these characteristics can better serve people
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In today's society, work and life pressure, especially in large cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, leaving busy work, our spare time may like to go outside for a breath of fresh air, when people tired sitting on the outdoor dining table to rest, feel the nature of the birds, the mood will become comfortable. Therefore, the leisure chair not only beautiful, but also practical, weather-beaten nature, in order to better benefit people. So we think outdoor leisure chair should comply with the following points: outdoor table and Chair

outdoor table

1. Function: a single function, mainly placed in the park, community and roadside and other outdoor places. For multiple users, outdoor cooling, rest, etc. .

2. AESTHETIC: The visual effect is mainly in harmony with the outdoor environment, and the use of wood and granite and other natural materials. NOVEL SHAPE, beautiful, easy to use and no special luxury.

3. outdoor dining table practical: fire-resistant, anti-theft and anti-corrosion performance can make many people rest without interference.


4. MATERIAL: Can Not use toxic or dangerous material, and easy to clean. Due to the particularity of outdoor use, common wood uses: Ingredients, imported Sassafras, Russian pine, plastic wood and other materials these wood with strong outdoor corrosion protection, very suitable for marble and granite. I need a texture. To prevent bodily harm. Therefore, steel structures need to be anticorrosive treatment to prevent rain and personal injury.

outdoor dining table

The choice of materials is limited by the outdoor environment of the outdoor dining table. Many lounge chairs are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, granite, marble, wood, 

stainless steel and steel tubing. Placed for parks, residential areas, roadside and other public places, because the outdoor garden leisure chair of high exposure and high damage (solar UV, wind and rain corrosion, man-made damage, etc.) , it must require regular maintenance and repair.

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