How to choose corner garden furniture

corner garden furniture has different attributes than indoor furniture. When choosing outdoor furniture, there are many hidden details that you don't know. If there is no professional guidance, you really don't know whether to enjoy comfortable outdoor furniture or regret buying it. How to choose high-quality outdoor tables and chairs is not as simple as you think! Today, people coming over tell you the "two big" hidden details you must know when buying outdoor furniture.

1Design of a product

1. Durable furniture appearance

Due to the emotional characteristics of human beings, when they approach the body, they will involuntarily produce good and bad feelings, thus affecting the consumption and use experience. The shape, color and texture of outdoor furniture have become the main factors to attract people. The appearance characteristics of corner garden furniture is an important aspect of its space environment theme atmosphere. 

The appearance of outdoor furniture must consider the coordination of its space style, so that the overall atmosphere and artistic conception of the space can be perfectly reflected and expressed. Outdoor furniture design, through the natural texture, smooth and delicate lines, carefully create a calm, natural, leisure product temperament, hoping to help people relax their nervous body and mind. At the same time, according to the aesthetic taste, physical characteristics and value orientation of different regions, different series of product styles are developed.

corner garden furniture

2. Easy and convenient

In different use scenarios, metal outdoor chairs needs to have different functions, such as: convenient, easy. Good use is the purpose of outdoor furniture product design. For example, chairs should be suitable for stacking, easy to transport, foldable and space saving.

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3. Comfort

The mission of outdoor furniture is to let people enjoy a moment of leisure. The product must be comfortable and ergonomic. The reclining angle of the reclining chair can be adjusted. After careful consideration, we have worked out the best solution for users.

1、 Choose materials

Compared with traditional indoor furniture, iron garden chairs has special requirements in selecting materials

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2、 Durability

corner garden furniture in use will be affected by four seasons and different natural factors, so durability should be considered when selecting. On the other hand, outdoor furniture needs to meet people's needs of high frequency and multi person time synchronization. Select materials with sufficient strength, such as pipe wall thickness, rattan tensile strength, oxidation resistance, wood corrosion resistance, corrosion-resistant accessories, outdoor furniture, etc., master the logistics and chemical characteristics of various materials, and meet the use of different levels through reasonable material selection and matching needs.

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