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Outdoor Furniture Repairing Ways in Autumn &Winter

The cool wind in autumn&winter will make people feel happy, but for outdoor furniture, the low temperature may bring some other problems . The outdoor furniture should be packed up to next year as they can not afford to frost, rain, snow and others.

Some types of outdoor furniture require special protective measures, while others require only some attention, says Dave Heslar, manager of Leland's Fireplace and Patio. "It doesn't matter to put wrought Aluminum furniture in the yard all the year round," Heslar says," You just need to wipe the surface of the raindrops and put on the cover."

If iron furniture surface scratched, it needs to be promptly polished and other repairing measures. Rust also need to be removed in time. For the marble outdoor furniture,it also needs some special care,such as sealed care for twice and third a year,or move into the indoor in cold winter.

Heslar also said that outdoor furniture should be repaired twice in spring and autumn.

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